"Love and Fear"
I see impartial connections, people who want yet fear something deep and exposing... MORE
"Yes, i safe worded during a presentation"
Take a moment to consider how use of a safe-wordis an invitation to communication and connection ... MORE
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Today people are being challenged with finding their way with respect to their relationships, their sense of sexuality, and how they relate to their gender identity or roles.  To navigate this, therapists have needed to adapt to their clients needs, with a growing practice in sexual therapy.  However, what they cannot often provide is a more practical and familiar guidance with an “insiders eye”. Neither can we blame them.  Good practice in the separation of patient/therapist relationships often requires a line be drawn that prohibits therapists from inside practices, knowledge, and hands-on personal experience. This is where Limits Unleashed comes in to play. We have the experience, expertise, and know-how to understand the journey first hand. We have navigated the course of personal exploration, trial and error, and the ups and downs of new experiences and change.  Above all, we are genuinely concerned with your success, safety, and happiness.



…is to provide lifestyle education services to those looking to explore kink, BDSM, and other alternative lifestyles, and to those already involved who seek help in addressing specific lifestyle challenges.


…our clients find is that we recognize that everyone has unique needs or goals, and that these can change over the course of our lives. We provide a safe and judgment free basis to discuss needs, desires and curiosities, and to empower with information and guidance.


  • Educate & inform those new to or within the lifestyle community through event presentations, workshops, and classes
  • Advise and consult to counseling professionals on lifestyle practices and values with an experienced insiders eye
  • Provide individuals, couples and groups with personal advice & professional guidance to help develop confidence and capability
  • Enhance our clients and attendees self-awareness, interpersonal tools, and communication techniques
  • Introduce and refine practical applications and use of a variety of tools, techniques, and equipment


Common Topics

Common topics we often address with clients  include, but are not limited to:

  • Identifying needs, limits, boundaries
  • Getting started in kink and BDSM
  • What to expect at events or parties
  • Etiquette and good codes of conduct
  • Scene & Play negotiation and prep
  • Managing intense experiences & emotions
  • Role differences such as sub vs slave, Dominant vs Master or Mistress, Switches, etc
  • Relationship styles such as Poly or Power Exchange
  • Relationship problem solving
  • Communicating without conflict

Are you Kinky??   Probably…

Fetishes and kinky activities are often quite normal, including but not limited to:

  • Tied down with scarves, ties, handcuffs 
  • Spanking, paddling
  • Blindfolds
  • Biting, clawing, grabbing
  • Candle/Wax drippings
  • Bedroom role play & dress-up
  • Risque public dress-up
  • Watching or listening to others
  • Fetishism – leather/latex, piercings, tattoos, hair, shoes, feet, chest. belly, scent/sound, etc. 

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Yes, i safe worded during a presentation
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