Slave Mantra

The purpose of the slave’s mantra is to help reinforce the Owners key values, expressed as affirmations, and to facilitate the shift in thinking regarding submission, service, and purpose. This is a critical part of power exchange oriented relationships.

It should be noted that there is not One True Way. No matter what side of the slash you are on, you have to define your needs, your wants, and your limits. This includes the type of relationship you are looking for and how you wish to live within it. These are merely my experiences and lessons learned through years of practice, listening to the experiences of others, and research. However, I encourage you to do your own research, challenge what you read anywhere, and define your life for yourself. Ultimately, your feelings are your own, as are your goals. While they may not be right for others, they are not necessarily “Wrong”. They belong to you – own them, and if necessary, defend them.



KajiraThe mantra should be reviewed and repeated, in spoken word, at the very start and end of the day.  Devoted time in focused reflection is required, preferably on a specially selected floor pillow in a designated “safe place”.  While speaking, the slave should hold a posture or position as trained by the owner, typically something akin to the tower pose (a seated kneeling position, back upright).  By kneeling, using a specific pillow or folded blanket, located in a designated space, one builds layers of association. This facilitates a conditioning of the mindset of service and role, and establishes a ritual which can be very comforting and peaceful to the slave by connecting with posture, position, breath and sound to these affirmations.



The content of the mantra must be built with several points in mind. In order to be effective it has to relate the core values between Owner and owned (be that Master or Mistress and the slave), it must use language common to both, and it must remain positive and assume success.


A mantra should reflect the values of the Owner in order to impart basic principles. By providing the values, you enable the slave to make decisions proactively about what is likely to be pleasing, and what isn’t. This helps set them up for success by making better choices in line with expectations, role, duty, etc.


A mantra should reflect the language of both Owner and slave. It needs to reflect the language of the Owner so the slave can “hear” their owner’s voice in their mind. However, it also needs to contain elements of the slaves language so the owner address them more effectively, versus using words or syntax that the slave cannot identify with or internally interpret.


A mantra should use positive statements and avoid words that are negative such as “not” and related can’t, won’t, shouldn’t, etc. The mantra speaks to both cognitive and subconscious minds, and the subconscious is a very literal thing. To set a slave up for success, one needs to focus on what they SHOULD do, versus what they shouldn’t do. Below is an example:

“the slave will be respectful and greet their owner at the door” (positive) -VERSUS-   “the slave shouldn’t be disrespectful and never forget to greet their owner at the door” (negative)


Mantra Example

In the below example, it was for training another as a kajira, a Gorean styled slave girl. It is not meant to be copied, but rather as an example of something to be created between Owner and owned.   Take your time, use your own language, imbue it with your own values, and express it positively…


This girl is kajira.

She is true to her Master and obeys, loves and cherishes Him

Only Master and his girl can define her, the opinions of others are irrelevant

This girl is Feminine – strong, brave and confident; yet soft, fluid and sensual

she strives to excel, rather than being deceived by the illusion of perfection

she practices self-awareness, mindfulness, and patient compassion for herself and others

This girl embodies sensuality, pleasure, love, and devotion in service of all form

she relishes in her submission and surrender, to support her true nature even as challenge may arise

she loves herself and is loved by her Master – realizing that both love and faith are choices

she is her Master’s treasure and will take good care of His possession in all ways

This girls Master is her life, her love, and her Owner – heart, body, mind and soul

This girl is kajira.

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