Appeal of the Lifestyle

It seems rare that submissives are willing to step up and share their voice to a broader audience.  I am very happy to present a submissive’s perspective on the Appeal of the Lifestyle, which in this case refers to the benefits of being a submissive within Power Exchange relationship.

The Appeal

There is one major reason this lifestyle appeals to me – it brings me a sense of calm and peace.

In the midst of chaos there is a centering from the power exchange. It makes all the craziness of the outside world blur away and brings the here and now into the forefront. No anxiety for the future, no sadness from the past, just contentment in the moment.

Civility is brought to the forefront with the protocols. Respect and ritual bring a level of formality that is a refreshing change in the ultra-casual culture of today. It’s nice to have structure, refinement and hierarchy after time in what feels like a free for all.

Human connection becomes a major focus both with communication and play. Trust increases, limits shift, people and the relationship grow. There are plateaus, peaks and valleys. It’s not always fun or easy or sexy. It’s work, which can be aggravating or frustrating, but when you are with the right partner, it’s fulfilling – more fulfilling than any goal you could have reached on your own.

There are rules and repercussions – something that seems to be sadly lacking in most areas today. Order replaces chaos, expectations are explained, differences discussed. Manipulation games are replaced with considered negotiations and an understanding and agreement to roles and boundaries.

Energy that was spent trying to second guess things, untwist situations, reading minds, and walking on eggshells can now be used to please my partner and enjoy His company. Being able to take things at face value and not waiting for the other shoe to drop isn’t easy and doesn’t always happen, but i’m getting better at it and fortunately my Master is patient and understanding.


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