In the Presence of Service

Receiving service of foot washing
Receiving service of foot washing

We are proud to present the first in our series “Voice of the submissive” regarding the topic of connecting during acts of Service.  One of the primary reasons why some find Service so satisfying is the level of Connection. Whether you are the giver or receive, the act of service is as much about the opportunity for connection as it is about purpose, value, and utility.  It is our hope you find this useful and take this into consideration when you are (or in the proximity of) receiving service…

i love service, giving it … watching it …. sometimes even receiving it (and i’m working on getting better at accepting it with grace and comfort). One thing i’ve started to become more aware of is how oblivious others can be to the connection going on during service, if they aren’t one of the parties involved.

Maybe it’s the sad, but logical progression from everyone being glued to a device with a screen, the loss of interpersonal relationships in general, or the culture of self absorption that is so prevalent in social media, general media and society at large. Maybe it’s just not processing what is actually happening and therefore not treating the moment with the respect that is warranted. Or, perhaps, it’s just a lack of knowing or understanding the etiquette of the situation.

While maybe not as obvious as flogging, bondage or a take down scene, a service based exchange is still an authentic, genuine and often intimate connection between the parties providing and receiving the service. It is deserving of the attention of the parties involved at the very least and the acknowledgement of the people around them – even if it’s just respecting the connection by not interrupting it without being invited.

Whether it’s a sub or slave serving their Master, a bootblack working with someone, a customer with a vendor, or wait staff with a customer; these are all different types of service relationships that seem to be ignored by many when treating them with respect is inconvenient. Interrupting these connections with unsolicited conversation, or participating in these or similar situations while multi tasking on the phone, or texting or otherwise not being present, just continues to erode the state of human connection that is sadly lacking in our current society.

The next time you come across a service situation – whether an official scene or just the everyday interaction between people, treat it and the participants like you would want someone to treat you. If you can’t read the situation, ask if you are interrupting before beginning a conversation. If it’s not an emergency, wait until the exchange is over before interjecting yourself into the exchange. If you are the one receiving the service, give the person or people serving you, the attention and respect you would want if the roles were reversed.

You might be thinking, well that’s just common courtesy – and you’d be right. Unfortunately courtesy is often not as common as it could be.


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