Event Reflections – THE Crossroads 2017

Thank you THE Crossroads 2017!

First off I’d like to give a huge thank you to the Turtle Hill Events organizers and volunteers who helped make this event happen – special thanks to Cat, Lord Percival and Iya!   🙂THECrossroads

As always we found this event at the Ramblewood camps to be a welcoming relaxing environment with folks who possess a broad range of interests and eclectic mindset.  This makes it enjoyable for us to share and connect and a very authentic level – something we very much appreciate!

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, is the recognition for those who attended our classes & workshops.  Whether brand new or loyal fans, we very much appreciate your time, attention, and engagement.  Without your involvement we wouldn’t be invited to THE Crossroads and other great events year after year.

Our workshops this year included:

  • Flogging from the Bottom Up, w/ Sir Vice
  • Power Exchange as Mutual Giving, w/ Sir Vice
  • Exploring Consent from the Right Side of the Slash, w/ soumise
  • Rope Does a Body Good, w/ soumise


Best regards,

Sir Vice & soumise