Event Reflections – KinkyCon XI

Thank you KinkyCon XI!

Kinky ConFirst off I’d like to give a huge thank you to the Kinky Con XI organizers, board members, and volunteers who helped make this event happen. Special thanks to Domino and PinkBikerGirl for all of your help in getting us on board and situated, and to the volunteers helping to make it possible. Most importantly is the appreciation and thanks for those who attended our classes & workshops.  Whether new attendees or loyal fans, we very much appreciate your time, attention, and engagement.  Without your involvement and enthusiasm we wouldn’t be invited to Kinky Con and other great events year after year.

Our classes at Kinky Con XI included:

Asking, and Why its so Scary, w/ soumise – Many submissives have a problem asking for what they need or want.  It took me a long time to be able to do this in my personal life, even though I’ve never had a problem with expressing my needs in my career.  When first entering the D/s lifestyle, I found it even harder to ask for what I needed or wanted because I thought it meant I wasn’t “submissive enough”.  The goal of this workshop is to help you learn more about yourself and your needs and wants and be able to effectively communicate these with your partner. This workshop was at capacity and had great engagement, thank you!!

Seizing Control: Joint Locks & Pressure Points, w/ Sir Vice – Whether you enjoy taking physical control, pain-play, take-downs, or primal, knowing exactly where and how to place force can make all the difference.  This workshop will be an interactive partnered session to review techniques to create maximum effect with a minimum of effort. Use it for subtle purposes to “insist” on obedience, to intensify play experiences, or to create situational predicaments.  Definitely for those that enjoy torturing (or being tortured by) their partners.  This workshop was in the largest ballroom and at capacity and had great participation and enthusiasm, thank you!!

Exploring Power Exchange, w/ Sir Vice – Power dynamics cover a spectrum of options from simple play or scenes to long-term total power exchange (TPE) relationships.   This workshop will increase understanding of the presence and use of these dynamics, from speech and body language to more physical and pyscho-emotional means.  We will review exercises that can help you to explore D/s and M/s, and come up with ideas and strategies which can be used in a variety of settings and relationships.  This workshop was at capacity and had great engagement and connection, thank you!!

Power Exchange Through Ballroom Dance, w/ soumise –  Learn new communication skills and experience a power exchange at a totally different level while you pick up new moves to show off on the dance floor. The roles of leader and follower are both of equal importance in a successful partnership, but the responsibilities of each are very different. Whether you think you have 2 left feet or are ready to appear on “Dancing With the Stars”, you will have fun exploring relationship dynamics and communication through this non-traditional approach. Class was well attended with a wide variety of experience present, fun had by all!

Working out the Kinks, w/ soumise –  Learn an effective and restorative workout for the body with a focus on mindful movement.  Moving from the deepest muscles of the body outward will help you restore range of movement, improve alignment and joint stability while improving strength and neuromuscular connections.  This workout is suitable for participants of a variety of fitness and mobility levels and variations will be suggested to adapt exercises to your personal needs.


Best regards,

Sir Vice & soumise