Event Reflections – Brimstone V

Thank you Brimstone!

First off I’d like to give a huge thank you to the Brimstone organizers and volunteers who helped make this event happen. Special thanks to:

  • ANJRose
  • BeautifulVelvet
  • _Jakal
  • M612
  • MsJoy
  • RedStapler
  • ServireEstVivere
  • Zebrianna

Most importantly is the appreciation and thanks for those who attended our classes & workshops.  Whether new attendees or loyal fans, we very much appreciate your time, attention, and engagement.  Without your involvement and enthusiasm we wouldn’t be invited to Kinky Con and other great events year after year.

Our workshops here included:

Fear of Asking in submissives:  Based on one of our most popular articles on Fetlife and the web, this workshop explores how making requests, asking, begging, and even using safe words can be one of the most difficult challenges for a submissive or slave. More importantly, we take a deeper look at key motives for these challenges, and how to overcome them.

Flogging from the Ground Up: Improve your flogging technique by learning how to use ground force and the kinetic chain. This class will teach you single and double (Florentine) flogging techniques to significantly improve endurance and force.

Impact from the Ground Up:  The best toys in your toy box are free, and you have them with you all of the time. Explore the variety of options your arms, hands, and body give you in impact activities. We’ll show you some new techniques to try in your next play session that can give you more Umph with less effort and exhaustion.