Event Reflections – TES Fest 2018

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We are home after a fantastic weekend at TES Fest 2018!!

I wanted to take the time to thank all our workshop attendees for bringing such great energy, participation, and attentiveness to our classes. Its experiences like this which makes teaching so rewarding and fulfilling. Thank you! Also, if find you have any questions as you continue to process the material we covered, please feel free to reach out to us through email or PM me on FetLife and we’d be glad to answer what we can.

To all of you who met puppy Frikka and gave her pets, helped out with puppy sitting, or your allowed your fingers or shoelaces to be chewed on – big thanks for making her first con a success.

A shout and thanks out to all the TES Fest volunteers to make TES Fest happen. It’s because of your ability to pitch in and step up where many would not that this event always seems to run so well no matter what’s going on behind the scenes.

A very special acknowledgement and thanks to the TES board. @Tantelle, @ElRamon, @dinnx, @PhedreDelaunay, @MissRouge, @Jaden, @Jackal – It’s through your amazing outreach and support our participation was possible. You went Above & Beyond with an effort I found profoundly moving and deeply heartfelt. Thank you w/ great big hugs all around!!!

Lastly, thank you my dearest slave @Vices_soumise for being who you are, and doing all that you do. My life is unquestionably richer and better because of it all.