What is Limits Unleashed all about?

Limits Unleashed is dedicated to supporting safe and responsible sexual exploration, health, and emotional wellbeing in the BDSM/Fetish/Kink and Alternative Lifestyle community. Our purpose is to support the community with a range of educational services including presenting, consulting, and coaching.  It’s our aim to offer these services to community group and event organizers, counseling professionals, and private client individuals and partners.

As a lifestyle educational service, our function is to educate, inform, and guide. Our activity is therefore found in three areas of engagement:

  • Presentations and workshops for lifestyle events and community groups (social, educational, etc)
  • Consulting services to counseling professionals seeking insight about the culture, practices, and challenges unique to the lifestyle
  • Coaching services to individuals and partners who are curious or desire more education and guidance about BDSM and alternative lifestyles practices

We wish nothing more than to help people meet their goals and develop more fulfilling relationships. We believe this is best done with education and practical guidance so that they may explore safely and responsibly while helping to gain confidence and clarity. It’s about personal empowerment with self-accountability.

Please be aware that this website contains no pornography, no explicit nudity, nor graphic descriptions/descriptions of sexual acts. However it does contain adult oriented material pertaining to sex and alternative sexual lifestyles for informational purposes. This website does not contain any pop-up ads or links to external sites which contain pornography.  This website does not purport support of personal adult services such as BDSM or escort experiences.

If you are under 18 years of age, or if you feel you would be offended by the information presented on this site, please do not view any further.


Limits Unleashed strongly believes in supporting the safe exploration of alternative lifestyles, and doing so in a responsible and prepared manner.   We therefore subscribe to the following Core Principles to guide our services:

  • Learning and having new experiences is fun, enjoyable, and life changing for the better
  • Information and guidance will be thorough, honest, straight-forward, and relevant
  • Building confidence through competence, because finding your way requires knowledge and experience over time
  • Professional and ethical codes of conduct that reinforces each working relationship with respect and dignity


Limits Unleashed promises ethical and professional conduct and treatment of all its clients and partners, be they groups or individuals.  To that end, we support the following tenets of ethical conduct:

  • Client confidentiality will be respected and vigorously defended
  • A friendly yet professional demeanor will be upheld at all times
  • At no time will any services be provided that is not lawful within its operating State (NJ)
  • Any activity discussed will encourage awareness, safety, and full mutual consensuality with others


Limits Unleashed is proud to support these organizations and affiliations…

Safe, Sane, ConsensualAlbany Power Exchange TES NELAlogoFetLife  National Coalition for Sexual FreedomKink Aware Professional