Workshop: Going Primal

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Going Primal Workshop
With Sir Vice

Get your blood pumping and your heart racing as we explore the intensity of Primal as both play and state of being.  Understand why it produces such intensity, how it impacts us physically and emotionally, and techniques to make your engagement more dynamic and enjoyable.


Wednesday September 23, 2015
7 – 9 PM  in  Englewood, NJ




  • Increased ability to stay in the moment, in the Now
  • Hear your own primal instinctual wisdom with clarity
  • Intensify experiences and connection with your partner
  • Reduce distractions, anxiety, or hesitation
  • Feel more alive, focused, and present


Key points include:

  • Introduction & Definitions
  • Evolutionary behaviorism – our common hard wiring & the primitive mind
  • Social norms and messages – appreciating the influence & conflicting signals in daily life
  • The visceral experience – focusing on engaging the sensory and sensual
  • Timing, pacing, and listening – cues from within us, and signals from others
  • Instinct & Improvisation  – moving fluidly by attuning to instinct & intuition
  • Sensory Attenuation –  Exercises & practice engaging all the senses

Workshop limited to 20 participants

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