NELA Fetish Fair Fleamarket #52

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Yep, we’re at it again!!  The Fetish Fair Fleamarket!!  This event has become an internationally-known and well-respected semi-annual event with presenters and attendees from around the world. The Winter Flea is the largest leather/fetish event in New England, bringing together a hundred top vendors and craftspeople, over 3000 attendees, and presenters sharing their knowledge, skills and expertise. The Summer Flea is a smaller, more intimate single-day event where new concepts are sampled and demonstrated alongside traditional experiences!

Workshops we’ll be presenting include:

– Going Primal
– Negotiation Skills 201
– BDSM Social Etiquette
– Embracing Vulnerability
– Fetish Fashion 101
– Rope, Does a Body Good
– Working Out the Kinks – Flexibility for the Mobility Impaired
– Poise and Grace – Aesthetic Movement in Service

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