The following resources are provided for your convenience, and represent some of the “go to” materials I often recommend to those exploring BDSM, kink, power exchange dynamics, interpersonal communication, and other alternative lifestyle topics. 


These are my collection of articles and posts written exclusively for this site or those I’ve posted elsewhere. Over the years many have found my writing useful in helping them to discover another perspective of themselves or finding their approach to alternative relationships and various aspects of the BDSM lifestyle. I offer these as a resource to the public, not as instruction on any One or True Way, but as a something explore and consider as you shape your own style.



I never recommend a book I haven’t read. As I have found over the years, each person’s vocabulary is different and taking in many sources improves your chances of someone explaining something in just the right way for you. This is no guarantee you will love them all, but at least I can back up my recommendations with the rationale that in each of the below I have found something worthwhile – be that new information, a different take or perspective, or a way of explaining something which I found resonated in myself and others.



In the BDSM world, creating your “scene” is just as much about the environment as it is the activities.  A huge part of creating that environment is the soundscape you choose and whether its meant to engage, focus, distract, or add an air of humor.  These are selections which I recommend for scene play – be that fun, sensual, intense, etc.



Many of those new to the lifestyle can get intimidated by the range of products and “equipment” available.  Indeed, there is a vast array of gear open to those willing to explore just about every avenue of human sexuality.  What I offer are starting products to help those new to the BDSM lifestyle by offering some options that are both reasonable and accessible.  The list of featured vendors will grow as new relationships are developed.