An important part of any scene is its environment, and little makes as much difference as Lighting and Music.  A common question asked is what kind of music works for a dungeon. While that certainly depends on personal tastes, I can certainly recommend some music that I’ve used or have heard played at a variety of events.  The below aren’t categorized in any way, but merely reflect a variety of options I have used or have enjoyed at various events and play parties.  Usually these tracks or artists will evoke a very sensual experience, or possesses an darker edge to underscore the intensity or dynamics of a scene.


Track/SongArtistAlbumKey Words
Wasting Love Theme 2Alexander V.MogilcoBreeze of Love
She's Simply GothicAlic StoneLucid Dreaming
Invisible MotionsArcanaRaspailgothic
ColdAt the GatesSlaughter of the Soulmetal
PiecesClaire VoyantLove Is Blinddark, slinky
Silently CreepingCollideTwo Headed Monsterdark, slinky
Pure BlissCollideTwo Headed Monsterdark, slinky
StrangeCollideBeneath the Skindark, slinky
ModifyCollideSome Kind Of Strangedark, slinky
TemptedCollideSome Kind Of Strangedark, slinky
Wings of SteelCollideChasing The Ghostdark, slinky
Tongue Tied & TwistedCollideTwo Headed Monsterdark, slinky
The Dying SongCruxshadowsUntil The Voices Fadegothic
EntombedDeftonesKoi No Yokanedgy, energetic
LeathersDeftonesKoi No Yokanedgy, energetic
Just A DreamDeleriumChimeraatmospheric
BleedingDeleriumArchives 1.2ominous
Eternal OdysseyDeleriumChimeraexotic
Window to Your SoulDeleriumKarmaatmospheric
Save Your SerpentEgo LikenessThe Order of the Reptileindustrial, darkwave
InfernoEgo LikenessBreedlessindustrial, darkwave
Push The LimitsEnigmaThe Screen Behind The Mirroratmospheric
Principles of LustEnigmaMCMXCatmospheric
Smell Of DesireEnigmaThe Screen Behind The Mirroratmospheric
Between Mind and HeartEnigmaThe Screen Behind The Mirroratmospheric
Predator and PreyEnraptureGangsta Gotherotic scene
Your Every DesireEnraptureGangsta Gotherotic scene
Masterslave [Wumpscut Remix]Front Line Assemblyindustrial
AutoeroticFront Line AssemblyFlavour of the Weakindustrial
MilkGarbageGarbagedark, slinky
My Lovers BoxGarbageGarbage
As Heaven is WideGarbageGarbageedgy, energetic
No More LoveGod Lives UnderwaterEmptyedgy, energetic
WantedGravity KillsPerversionedgy, energetic
GuiltyGravity KillsGravity Killsedgy, energetic
EnoughGravity KillsGravity Killsedgy, energetic
Black SmokeHans ZimmerAngels & Demonsatmospheric
Crazy (cover)KidneyThievesZerospaceedgy, energetic
EntwinedLacuna CoilComaliesedgy, energetic
Heaven's a LieLacuna CoilComaliesedgy, energetic
Rise to the SurfaceMajesticInstrumentals Collectionatmospheric
Sweet Dreams (are made of this) (cover)Marilyn MansonSmells Like Childrenperfectly ominous
SinNine Inch NailsPretty Hate Machineraw and primal
Closer to GodNine Inch NailsThe Downward Spiralraw and primal
AnimalNine Inch NailsDownward Spiralraw and primal
SpiritOutrun the SunlightOutrun the Sunlightatmospheric, prog
Gravity EyelidsPorcupine TreeIn Absentiaatmospheric, prog
Too DeepRhea's ObsessionBetween Earth & Skyatmospheric, prog
City of DisSeluahSeluahdark, down-tempo
Dok TrongSeluahSeluahdark, down-tempo
Comets FigureheadTangerine DreamMars PolarisAmbient
BrokenTapping the VeinThe Damageedgy, energetic
To Die ForThe Birthday MassacreWalking With Strangersgoth, pop
DyskrasiaThe KidneythievesZerospaceedgy, energetic
Viva VulvaUmbra et ImagoDie Unsterblichengerman industrial
Turn Me OnWhip CulturePleasure Generationelectronica
AngelMassive AttackMessaninetense, down-tempo, electronica
TeardropMassive AttackMessaninetense, down-tempo, electronica
Paradise CircusMassive AttackHeligolandtense, down-tempo, electronica
Special CasesMassive Attack100th Windowtense, down-tempo, electronica
What Your Soul SingsMassive Attack100th Windowtense, down-tempo, electronica