Press+NewsFrom kink to polyamory,  from LGBT rights to faith based relationship structures, the world is having to face a fact that there is no “One Way” to do something.  Its not about good or bad, because in most cases it can’t be broken down that simply – and sometimes, that’s a little scary.   Recently, we at Limits Unleashed have been getting some attention in the press and media.  Columnists & writers are acknowledging the trend in society’s interest in the way we as a people are defining what a relationship means.

Whether due to entertainment outlets such as books or movies; shocking news headlines due to accidents or abuse; or changes in household demographics – the growing awareness has led to more active conversation.  We gladly participate in the discussion to advocate for education, tolerance, and the right to define your relationships and your sexuality for yourself…



Media Exposure

Here are some recent mentions in the press & media:



…“My approach as an alternative lifestyle coach is more about uncovering the honest and authentic individual, helping them adjust to that person locked inside, and then allow that inner-self the room and confidence to explore and experience in a safe, healthy, and responsible manner,” he says…  “what many have read has skewed the perception of what BDSM is made of and how people should behave. This has led to bolstering some very negative stereotypes that need to be addressed with good education and guidance so that people can explore safely and responsibly — for both the well being of themselves and others…”



It’s not about the conquest: Scenes in 50 Shades focus on “toy collection” and conquest…There seems to be complete lack of knowledge regarding the impact of neurochemicals on body and mind, on how we form bonds and relationships, on the key to personal vulnerability and security seeking. This fault does not stop him [Christian]. There are also matters of pacing, safety, and education which he neither provides mentorship nor education…



…Eric “Sir Vice” is an alternative lifestyle coach and the owner of Limits Unleashed, LLC. A self-described “kink consultant,” he educates clients about such subjects as sadomasochism and polyamory…