Limits Unleashed LIfe style counselingLimits Unleashed offers a variety of educational services for those interested in alternative lifestyles including kink, BDSM, polyamory, power exchange (D/s or M/s), dungeon play, and more.  

Lifestyle Presentations & Workshops

As a lifestyle educator, gain the insight and knowledge from someone with more than 15 years experience in BDSM and alternative lifestyle expertise.  Talks range in topic and format including both speaking presentations and practical workshops for those new and experienced. Customized group seminars featuring a program with specific outcomes and a “boot camp” experience are also available.  See the course catalog for a sample of classes provided.

Kink Consulting for Professional Counselors

Professional boundaries and client comfort may also prohibit direct involvement or participation in kink community events.  We provide an expert insiders eye to help counselors and therapists become more comfortable and grounded with respect to specific practices, benefits & risks, engagement, etc.  As such, even professional counselors and therapists may find they need a trusted advisor to supplement their knowledge as they find an increasing number of clients involved in or asking about matters of kink, BDSM, and poly lifestyles.

Group Co-Therapy Sessions

Licensed counseling professionals (LCSW, LCP, CST, Ph.D) may have need of a subject matter expert to provided some assistance through with patients looking to gain comfort and confidence in socializing and discussing alternative lifestyles, relationships, and sexual preferences.  I provide the additional knowledge to address their clients concerns about getting involved in various groups or communities, what to expect at various events or social gatherings, basics in education about format and communication, and acclimatizing them to a group social environment that focuses on respect, tolerance, education in a safe and welcoming environment.  Services can be provided at the counselors facility, or held at locations through Limits Unleashed.

Individual & Partnered Private Coaching

A personal service for individuals looking for 1-on-1 coaching in exploring alternative lifestyles and relationships. Our goal is to help you be successful in your endeavors and relationships.  This means providing guidance on:

  • How to get started and become comfortable with your journey
  • Learn to identify and communicate critical needs, wants, goals, and limits
  • Getting started in BDSM or kinky play and important steps in Negotiation & Consent
  • Exploring different relationship types such as poly or non-monogamy, and power exchange relationships (D/s, M/s, etc)
  • Provide unique tools, tips and resources to make your efforts a success

Private session can be done on-site at our premise or through use of conferencing tools such as Skype, G+, and others

Articles & Videos

While I produce many articles on this site and others,  I am also available to other content providers and journalists interested in current trends in relationship dynamics, kink, and BDSM lifestyle challenges and benefits.  Topics I can contribute to include, but are not limited to improving relationships, communication, emotional bond, sex life and activity, mental and physical exercise, identifying needs and limits, etc.