Thank you for running the flogging workshop [workshop: Flogging from the Ground Up] at TES Fest this past weekend!  I got more out of your class than I have at any other flogging workshop I’ve attended over the last few years.  I used the technique at my flogging scene Saturday night and my shoulder doesn’t hurt at all.  It was a really amazing flogging scene!

Flogging From the Ground Up @ TES Fest 2018

I really enjoyed your protocol workshop at the Flea… I have a few psychotherapy clients that would greatly benefit from your work!

Protocols @ Fetish Fair Fleamarket #48

Wow, he doesn’t hold anything back!  So much good stuff in his classes!!

– TES Fest 2016

Very Giving

What an excellent discussion!  Would love to see it repeated next year – it could have gone on another hour or two!

 – Geeky Kink Event NJ

Repeat Request

My Master and I really enjoyed the presentation by Sir Vice this afternoon. There were a few things said that made me think of things in a different light. I’m glad we attended.

– MAsT, East Stroudsberg

Different Light

Sir Vice was in my opinion was one of the best speakers we ever had. The topic of ownership and his experience and thoughts were outstanding and helped me realize points of my position as my Sir’s submissive…


 – Bucks County Power Exchange


Thank you for being such an adept and knowledgeable presenter. I️ took both your joint lock class and your power exchange class. It was nice to see another dominant that understands that power exchange between dominant and submissive doesn’t always have to adhere to the [stereotypical] ideologies. It was even nicer that you are making other “domly-doms” award of this.

-Kinky Con XI

Adept and Knowledgeable Presenter

We are in a very comfortable D/s relationship. However [name withheld] last relationship was domestic abuse, so she was able to see both sides of what you presented. They both resonated with her. It really upsets me when people try to portray domestic abuse as the “cool D/s thing” and women are fooled to believe it. It was quite clear from your presentation that you have a strong knowledge of psychology. Thank you again.
My suggestion? You should have two classes… A part one and part two. The [90min] class wasn’t long enough…

-Kinky Con XI

Strong Knowledge of Psychology

Thank you for engaging me so openly over the weekend, particularly when I arrived late for the meet and greet. I have not yet had a chance to read through your website, but I am immediately impressed by the presentation. Most of the online M/s resources I have found where I appreciate the material has cringe-worthy presentation, which makes it difficult to reference to others. I will not have any such hesitation with yours.

– TES Fest

Impressed by Presentation

I enjoyed your class. I was the woman in the front row who asked about creating a humiliation scene. It was interesting and useful information…

Creating a Humiliation Scene

Hey man,  So glad I chose to come to your Power Exchange class! It really helped me start to understand the difference between Dominant and Domineering and how I can start to co-create those types of relationships in a mutually beneficial way. “Give and give,” as you said – love it!

– THE Crossroads

Power Exchange

Hi – just wanted to say thank you for your talk at the flea, “fear of asking in a submissive”… wasn’t a class on my choices, but a friend was going so i went… so glad I did!

– NELAs Fetish Fleamarket Fair

Fear of Asking

Heya! First of all, thank you for the excellent class, and especially for the offer to take follow-up questions. I couldn’t quite figure out how to phrase what I wanted to ask during the class, and I’ve been thinking about it ever since…

– TES Fest


Thanks again for a great class… What I found interesting about the content of the class was that I realized I generally live my life this way, very in the present, so that it’s actually more to me than just play or sexual…

Going Primal @ Geeky Kink Event

Hi there, I wanted to look you up to let you know again how much I enjoyed your presentation with your girl on submissive/slave postures. You both were our favorite presenters. The dynamic between you both was so lovely to see and the psychology/learning theory in the postures class made me very happy!

– TES Fest

Postures for subs & slaves @ TES Fest 2016

Your classes on Submissive Postures and Ownership were without a doubt the highlights of TESfest for me. I thought your points were very well-planned and relatable, and you handled audience input in a way that was receptive without letting things get off course.  Your discussion of the closeness paradox was particularly helpful in shedding some light on what I’d been struggling with throughout the weekend, so I’m grateful for that insight and growth. It was also a privilege to see the two of you interact with one another. Your dynamic was beautiful, and I hope our paths cross at future events. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out.

Ownership @ TES Fest 2017

It’s been an embarrassingly long time coming: Thank you so much for teaching your Protocols and Rituals class for the [TES] DM/sw SIG!  It was fantastic! I’m sure everyone learned something and had a blast!!

Protocols & Rituals @ TES DM/sw SIG

Your flogging [from the ground up] class was my favorite of the weekend. I still need much practice but my shoulder thanks you!  🙂

Flogging from the Ground Up @ Brimstone V

One of the best presenters out there – dynamic, intelligent and very informative…

– NELAs Fetish Fleamarket Fair

Best Presenter

I think you may have just saved my marriage with this one workshop – I’m so glad I came!!


Saved Marriage